Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mystery Shopping

I started mystery shopping last year and have been fairly sucessful with it. Mystery shopping is when you sign up with a reuptable and free company and receive an assignment to be a "secret shopper" at a location such as a restaurant, retail store, bank, gas station, etc. There are literally hundreds of mystery shopping companies and they do not release the names of their "clients" (i.e. Cheesecake Factory, Capital Grille, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sonic, etc.) until you have signed up and signed their confidentiality agreement. Because of this confidentiality agreement I won't be able to tell you which companies shop which stores but I can recommend companies I have shopped for in the past and let you know the categories of shops I see most often. It takes some organization to do mystery shopping and you have to follow the rules or risk not being paid. Recently I have done a fine dining restaurant where I received a $125 reimbursement and a retail store where I received a $12 reimbursement. Look for my posts under the "mystery shopping" label where I highlight the various reputable companies in the field and give tips on how to be a successful mystery shopper.
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