Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HOT Amazon Magazine Deals

Each month Amazon discounts some of the magazine it offers. Ordering a magazine now is a great holiday gift. You can print out the cover or a page of the magazine online and include it in a card for the subscription recipient. Each month when the magazine comes throughout the year they will be reminded of you and your generosity!

If you use Swagbucks and redeem them for Amazon e-certificates, these subscriptions are a great way to use them!

Please note that Amazon is offering discounts on the magazines and the discounts do not come off until you add the magazine to your shopping bag. The prices listed below are all AFTER the discount has been applied.

Here are this month's HOT deals:

Redbook - 2 years for just $5.00 after discount

Good Housekeeping - 2 years for just $10.00 after discount

Time - 1 year for just $15.00 after discount

Marie Claire - 2 years for just $5.00 after discount

Food Network - 1 year for just $10.00 after discount

Sports Illustrated - $28.95 for 1 year after discount

Southern Living - $14.97 for 2 years after discount

A HOT deal that is going on right now through Saturday, 11/14 is Cooking Light Magazine for just $5 per year! This is an incredible price on a magazine that almost never gets discounted!
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