Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review: Homedics Restore Clean Water System

I love gadgets and gizmos and this Restore Clean Water System made by Homedics totally fascinated me! The Restore system is a very cool looking pitcher with the normal filter that you would expect from a water filter pitcher but it has the cool factor! After you let the water go through the filter, you plug the pitcher into the wall and press a button. Then the pitcher lights up blue and purple for a minute or two and the water gets purified.

It gets purified through Ultraviolet (UV) Clean technology. Other water filtration pitchers only offer filtered water, not purified water! According to Homedics, the purification UV process removes viruses and bacteria.

From Homedics, "Restore is California certified for microbiological water purification, a first for a water pitcher utilizing UV technology and is Gold Seal Certified to National Sanitation Foundation standards by the Water Quality Association. UV Technology has been used for over 60 years for its germicidal properties in hospitals and laboratories. For the first time, an application of this unique germ-killing technology is available for home use in an affordable, easy to use water pitcher."

-Cool factor of the UV light
-Water tastes very fresh
-Inexpensive way to get clean water

-Takes a long time for the water to filter through
-Pitcher doesn't fit in the door of the refrigerator
-Remembering to change the filter every 3 months

If you're in the market for a water purification system, definitely check this out. Not only did the water taste great, there is the ultimate wow factor of plugging in and zapping your water!

I was given a Restore Clean Water System free of charge to write this review. My opinions remain my own.
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