Thursday, November 5, 2009

Juice Box Jungle Widget

The Juice Box Jungle Widget (it's lime green and in my left sidebar) contains some information this week about if firstborn children have higher IQ's than their siblings. Being a firstborn myself, I'll choose not to comment just in case my younger brother is reading this. I know he subscribes but does he actually read?

There is a great New York Times article on the topic that you can access just by clicking that lime green widget in my left sidebar. It's interesting from every perspective - whether you're firstborn, middle child or even the youngest! Some theories attribute this perceived higher IQ to family dynamics or even to greater responsibility given to the oldest child. Whatever the cause, this is one topic sure to spark discussion in your house!

By the way, the research shows that the oldest child has a 3 point higher IQ than the sibling closest to them in age.
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