Friday, June 19, 2009

Feedback Plus

Feedback Plus is a new mystery shopping company for me. I have completed two (2) shops with them and was paid extremely quickly on both which makes me happy! I didn't get any questions from the editors - I didn't even get any feedback at all which is rare with mystery shopping. I don't mind and found the shops I did with them to be straightforward with a fair report for the compensation I received.

As always, it's FREE to sign up with any mystery shopping company that I post about here. You'll need to sign up and agree to their terms of confidentiality before seeing who they do shops for and where. For me, they have a range of restaurant and retail shops that I don't mind doing and seem to have very fair compensation for the tasks you are asked to perform. To sign up, click here.

To learn more about mystery shopping, please read my Mystery Shopping 101 post. For a list of other mystery shopping companies I have discussed click here.
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