Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life Settlements

The folks over at Quantum Life Settlements asked me to review some information about their life settlements to see if it was something I wanted to share with my readers. Based on the reader survey I did a couple of months ago, I know that my readers come from all backgrounds and so I thought maybe this information will be helpful to at least one of you! The information that follows is directly from the materials I received from Quantum Life Settlements.

What is a life settlement? It is when the owner of an unwanted life insurance policy sells that policy to a third party for a one-time cash payment.

Does every owner of a life insurance policy qualify for a life settlement? No. The criteria are: at least 70 years old, life expectancy between 2 and 15 years, has an existing life insurance policy with a death benefit of at least $500,000, and no longer needs the coverage, among other criteria. To see if you or a loved one qualify, you can take the Online Qualifier Tool by clicking here.

Why a life settlement? For some in this economy who have an unplanned loss of income and are unable to work any longer, the need for cash may be dire. Life settlements allows you to get a one-time cash payment at a time when you (or a loved one) needs it most.

You can request a FREE DVD and information packet from Quantum Life Settlements by clicking here.

Please be advised that I am not a financial planner and am in no way recommending a specific product or company. This post is for informational purposes only and I strongly encourage you to consult a financial planner or other financial professional to assist you with your financial planning.
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