Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Offers

I have received several emails asking for me to post more I-deal online offers. I've been searching and the following are the ones I have found. These are all I-deal offers. Please read my prior posts here and here about how to do these offers. You can have great success with these but you MUST read and understand the instructions prior to beginning.

Remember, you can earn $1,000 in prizes for each I-deal sub-company (i.e. Top Notch, 123 Click, Bullseye, etc.) per 6 month period. You cannot do offers from the same parent company within a specific offer you are completing. If you have any questions after reading my posts and the comments below each post, please post a comment or send me an email.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully and understand that they may change. As of the time I wrote this post, none of these offers required referrals but that could change. Please read the instructions I posted previously and the terms and conditions of the offer carefully!

Top Notch Media

$500 Amazon giftcard
$500 Visa giftcard
$500 to Sears or Best Buy
Nintendo Wii
XBox 360 and Grand Theft Auto IV
Green IPhone 3G

123 Click
$100 in Maybelline or L'Oreal make-up
$100 towards detergent (probably giftcard)

Bullseye Media
$100 to Gap, Spiegel, Charlotte Russe, or Sunglass Hut, Inc.

$50 Visa giftcard and 36 pack of Pepsi

$50 Visa giftcard and 26 pack of Mountain Dew

$500 Sears giftcard

$100 towards sneakers (probably giftcard)
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