Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RedBox Codes - FREE movie rentals!

I have blogged about RedBox and how it works before here. If you haven't used RedBox before, they are the red boxes inside of many stores (it's WalMart and Walgreens near me) that are like vending machines that dispense movies. I always thought they must be older movies but that's not the case! They have brand new releases as well. You can even search the RedBox location near you online to see what movies they have in stock.

I have heard of some recent RedBox codes that can be used at any time. You can use each of them once per credit card so if you have more than one credit card you can use each more than once. Each of these codes will get you a FREE rental of a movie.

Good anytime RedBox codes (write down all of them as some may not work when you get to the kiosk - please let me know which don't work if you try them and where you tried them):

DVDATWAG (Walgreens only)
WALGREENS (Walgreens only)
REDBOX (New customers)

Also, for you readers who are local to a Harris Teeter, when you buy three (3) Kellogg's products you'll get a code for a FREE one night rental. This offer is good until June 30, 2009. Thanks, Barbara for this great FREEBIE.
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