Monday, June 8, 2009

TNT Original Summer Premieres!

I was so excited to receive a package from TNT with the season premieres of their summer shows - Hawthorne (premiering June 16), The Closer (premiering June 8), Wedding Day (premiering June 16), Saving Grace (premiering June 16) and my favorite, Raising the Bar (premiering June 8).

The two shows premiering tonight are The Closer and Raising the Bar. I had never seen The Closer until I watched the advance copy premiere I received and absolutely loved it. I am definitely setting my TIVO to season pass both shows.

Raising the Bar
I watched the first season of Raising the Bar and was riveted by it. Now, I am sure those of you who know what I do in my "real life" are wondering why I would want to watch a legal drama once I get home. The truth is that this show isn't anything like what I do every day and I find the storylines compelling and the characters complex.

The show stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Gloria Ruben, and Jane Kaczmarek and revolves around Jane Kaczmarek's (the Judge) criminal courtroom. Here, the prosecutors and public defenders spar in court but occasionally share drinks after hours. The storylines combine the personal lives of the lawyers with the daily drama of their cases and the lives affected by what happens in the courtroom.

TNT has been gracious enough to share a sneak peek of tonight's premiere with all of you by clicking here.

This show is produced by the well-known Steven Bochco, creator of many of your favorite legal dramas, and although only in its second season, is already one of the network's top shows. Raising the Bar premieres tonight at 10 pm.

The Closer

The Closer returns for Season 5 tonight. This successful show stars Kyra Sedgwick and is also a legal drama revolving around the Major Crimes Unit in the police force. This drama again combines the stressful work life of the Major Crimes Unit while also examining their tumultuous personal lives and relationships. I really enjoyed watching the season premiere and think you will too.

Click here for a sneak peek of the season premiere of The Closer, premiering tonight at 9 pm on TNT.

Watch TNT tonight for 2 great season premieres. The other 3 shows premiere on June 16 - I'll post those sneak peaks later this week for you.
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