Thursday, June 11, 2009

GameFilm Consultants

GameFilm Consultants is yet another great and legit mystery shopping company. If you are new to mystery shopping, make sure to read my Mystery Shopping 101 post here and to check out all my recommended mystery shopping companies here.

I have completed a series of telephone mystery shops with GameFilm and was paid timely via PayPal. These are the only telephone mystery shops I have ever done and I loved how convenient it was to do them from home. I received a fee for each call made and they each only took a few minutes. The questionnaire was straightforward and simple and the scheduler I dealt with was friendly and responsive.

GameFilm does not have many shops in my area but when I click on other states I see some great opportunities for people. Because I have signed a confidentiality agreement with GameFilm I cannot disclose their clients but can tell you that they have some good shops in many areas.

As always, it's FREE to sign up with the mystery shopping companies I post about on Nicole's Nickels and there is no obligation for you to ever accept a shop once you've signed up.
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