Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All You Magazine - Just $17.95 for 12 issues!

You all know how much I love All You Magazine for its content and great coupons! The old price deal with Southern Living at Home has expired but they are now able to offer All You at a cost of just $17.95 for 12 issues. This breaks down to just $1.50 an issue which is a savings of almost $.75 per issue off the price at Walmart (the only place you can buy this magazine). Also, there is no hassle - you don't have to remember to go and pick up your copy, etc. It comes right to you in your mailbox, so easy!The ordering instructions have changed since the last time I ran this offer so please read carefully!

*Go to the Southern Living at HOME website.
Note: You must use this link to get the discounted price!
*Click: Contact Me (upper right hand corner)
*Fill out form with contact information
*Below form-click: How did you locate Southern Living At HOME?
*Select: Referred from Page-enter below
*Type in comment box: Nicole's Nickels ALL YOU offer
*Click: Send Information

Once she receives the request, Cheryl Hinton-our Southern Living at Home consultant, will contact you for payment information. You can pay by Credit Card, Check/money order or Paypal invoice.

Cheryl will place orders on the 1st and 15th each month. You can expect your first order to arrive approximately 6-8 weeks from the time Southern Living at Home submits the order to ALL YOU. If you have any questions email Cheryl directly at and she will be glad to assist you.
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