Saturday, August 29, 2009

FREE $10 Giftcard to Participating Malls!

Participating malls around the country are offering a FREE $10 gifcard to customers! Check out this list of participating malls and the rules regarding the promotion.

Just find the mall local to you on the list, then log on to that mall's website (google to find the mall website). Then find the icon that says "What not to Wear". Click it and click on the "$10 mall giftcard" to be taken the link to fill in your information. Fill it in, then print out the voucher and take it to the mall you signed up for during the promotion (September 17-19) to get your actual giftcard.

They are only giving away 500 per mall so you'll want to hurry! The closest mall to me is Pembroke Lakes Mall in Pembroke Pines, FL - When I checked they still had over 300 giftcards to give out still.

Also, during the promotion period, if you bring receipts totaling $75 in purchases from the mall tot he Shop Smart Zone inside the mall, then you'll get another $10 giftcard from the mall!

Thanks, Mom Saves Money!
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