Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Supplies Sales!

Because different parts of the country start school at different times, there are still some great school supplies deals this week! Here's what I see from Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot this week.

15 cents (Sun-Wed, limit 4)
1 subject notebooks

50 cents (Sun-Wed., limit 2)
#2 pencils, 8 pack
Pink cap erasers, 12 pack
Bic pens, 10 pack
Glue Sticks
Copy paper, 500 sheet ream ($5.79 less $3.79 instant savings less $1.50 easy rebate)

Office Max

1 cent (limit 3)
Crayons, 24 pack
Metal compass

20 cents (limit 3)
1 subject wide or college ruled notebooks
Ballpoint pens, 12 pack

50 cents (limit 3)
Pink erasers, 3 pack
laminate or 2 tone folders

Any Sharpie Permanent Marker, Accent highlighters or Expo dry erase markers

Office Depot

FREE when you spend $5 or more (excludes tax and value of free item)
Acrylic ruler
Eraser caps, 12 pack

10 cents (limit 3)

20 cents (limit 10)
Glue sticks, 4 pack

25 cents (limit 3)
Sharpie highlighter

30 cents (limit 3)
Papermate pens, 10 pack

50 cents (limit 3)
1 inch binder

99 cents (limit 3)
Magnetic rubber calculator

There is also a large assortment of items that you get a FREE bonus item on each pack
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