Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emailing Companies for Coupons!

One of my readers, Jen, recently sent me an email about emailing companies for coupons. I had never done this before and at her suggestion, emailed several brands I am loyal to to see if they had any coupons available to send me.

I simply went to the contact page (I am providing direct links for you) and wrote a short email about how I enjoy their products very much and am a dedicated couponer. I further asked if they had a mailing list for coupons or any coupons available that they could send me. I used google's auto-fill program to fill in the forms with the click of the mouse. The following companies responded to my requests with coupons (some even sent coupons for FREE products!):

John Morrell
Fresh Express
Alberto Culver
Bush's Beans
Frito Lay
International Delight
C&H Sugar/Domino Sugar
Pepperidge Farm/Campbells
Arm & Hammer/Church & Dwight
Pinnacle Foods
Continental Mills
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