Thursday, August 13, 2009

Earn Money and Try Products by Making Videos!

Thanks to my friend Karen at Frugal RI Mama, I was recently introduced to ExpoTV and their fabulous Tryology program!

At ExpoTV all you need is a videocamera and a way to upload your videos. You choose from the "assignments" listed on your page once you've registered, follow the directions on the assignment, upload the video and start earning money! The assignment will always tell you how much you will earn for the video. Some examples of videos you can make and earn money when you upload are to review products you may already have in your house - Pantene products, Cheer products, Old Spice products, etc.

For the Tryology program you are sent new products in exchange for your video opinion. To become a Tryology member you'll need to register at ExpoTV. Then you'll be offered promotions that are in line with your demographic and interests based on your profile. You'll get new products to try and in exchange for the product, you create a short video of your opinion and upload it to the site.

You'll find lots to do once you've registered (for FREE) at ExpoTV and the free products and extra money are only the start!
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