Monday, April 6, 2009

FREE paper at Staples

I got this great deal at my Staples this weekend - FREE paper!

Buy 8 reams of paper (paper must be item # 554638). In my store I didn't see any where that particular paper was and when I asked, the manager just smiled and it was in a stack in front of the register marked $6.99 with a sign that there is a $5.99 rebate, making the paper $1.00 after rebate. The paper is marked down so low as they have new packaging for it and are trying to get rid of the old packages.

(FYI - this coupon has now expired. To see another option to get this paper for FREE (and make $10+ on the deal, check out my comment below). To sweeten the deal, use this Office Max coupon to get $10 off when you spend $50 (Staples accepts competitor coupons) and pay approximately $46.00 plus tax for the paper (8 reams at $6.99/ream less the $10 from the coupon) out of pocket. Submit the rebate online (or by mail if you like) and get back $47.92 making the paper FREE or very close to it! 8 reams of paper will last me a very long time!
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