Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friendlys FREE Ice Cream - June 6

From 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 6, 2009, Friendlys will host its FREE Ice Cream Day! This is the second annual FREE ice cream day and last year the company gave away 300,000 FREE cones! You can choose any flavor you would like in a single scoop cone or dish.

Friendlys offers 26 flavors from Hunka Chunka PB Fudge to Black Raspberry and everything in between. Friendlys are mainly located on the east coast and are a personal favorite in my family bringing back some wonderful memories.

In anticipation of the big day, Friendlys has developed a facebook quiz to determine their ice cream treat profile. Your personality will be matched to a signature Friendlys ice cream dessert (i.e. Fribble® “You are a smooth operator who never loses your cool”). This is a fun way to get the word out about FREE ice cream day.

Also, if you sign up for Friendlys Best Friends of Friendly’s (BFF) Club you'll get a coupon for a FREE 3 scoop sundae. Click here to sign up.
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