Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ribert & Robert's Wonderworld & a chance to win $10,000!

I was recently given a copy of Ribert & Robert's Wonderworld DVD to review for my readers. Ribert & Robert's Wonderworld is a part-animated, part-live action television series shown nationwide on public access television stations.

The series is an educational one with Ribert, a toad who asks questions about everything and his friend Robert, a human boy as they journey together to find the answers. There is a lot of singing and dancing and the 3 year old that watched this video fell in love with it! She was clapping and singing along and of course asked to watch it again and again as soon as it ended.

Wonderworld has launched a new interactive website as a companion to the television series that showcases the "Golden Ribby Awards" where children can enter to win $10,000 after showing off their talents in the quarterly contest. All you do is film your child and their talent and then upload to the site. The other part of the website is interactive and fun where kids "travel" through an educational environment learning everything from yoga to cooking. Definitely check out the site - either to enter your child into the contest or for the interactive Ribert & Robert fun!
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