Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am constantly amazed by how many amazing websites I am introduced to everyday that fulfill needs I didn't even know I had until I found out more! ShopWiki is one of them!

ShopWiki is a very comprehensive site that provides information about items for sale online. What does that mean for you? It means a one-stop shop for all kinds of information when you are looking to buy something online.

As an example, I looked for information on tools and hardware. I chose something I am not at all familiar with to see how explanatory and helpful the information provided would be to a total novice. Pages are broken down into categories such as circular saws, power drills, hand tools and miter saws. You can even expand the category into something broader such as workshop accessories which encompasses more products. There are thousands of items available and just about everything you can imagine that is for sale online is on this site!

You click on the type of products you are looking for and an easy-to-read page opens with individual products, their pictures, prices, and the names and links to the online stores where they are available for purchase.

Many similar sites out there profile only those online stores who have paid for placement but ShopWiki crawls Google and reports the whole story back to the consumer. How refreshing to have a company that is more concerned with the consumer than the company!
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