Monday, July 6, 2009

Deals of the Week - Best Deal Magazines

Last week I told you all about how I have been ordering from Best Deal Magazines for years and find they make great gifts for holidays and special occasions! Many of you emailed that you enjoyed knowing about their weekly specials so I am going to bring them to you each week.

Best Deal Magazines has a large selection of magazines at very reduced prices. When you combine their low prices with the coupon codes they constantly offer you really get the best deal! They also have a deal of the day feature for rock-bottom pricing.

Here are this week's coupon codes:
15% Off Most Titles (Code: PXSS712 Offer Expires July 12, 2009)
$5 OFF $30 (Code: MNDSS712 Offer Expires July 12, 2009)
$7.50 OFF $40 (Code: MQQSS712 Offer Expires July 12, 2009)
$10 OFF $50 (Code: MQPSS712 Offer Expires July 12, 2009)

This week's deals of the day are:
Monday - Vegetarian Times, $4.29
Tuesday - American Rider, $9.49
Wednesday - Nylon, $3.89
Thursday - Rider, $5.29
Friday - Disney & Me, $12.49
Saturday - Everyday Food - $9.79
Sunday - Townhall, $19.49

There are hundreds of magazines priced at under $10.00 for a one-year subscription so check it out, it really does make a very special gift!
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