Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FREE Entertainment Book (could even make money!)

UPDATE Wednesday evening: This deal is no longer valid - the cost of the book had been increased as has the shipping price. It is still a good deal but not FREE or nearly FREE. These awesome deals don't usually last long so congrats to those who got it, sorry to those who didn't! Because I don't change posts that have already been published please be advised that this update is the most recent information and the deal as outlined below is NOT valid anymore.

You can get the 2009 Entertainment Book for FREE or for $1.98 depending on if you are already a member of Cashbaq or not. This is an awesome deal and you'll have 5 full months to use the book. This deal is good until July 31 only!

First thing you'll need to do is sign-up for Cashbaq. Cashbaq is a great cash-back site. Just shop through them when you make purchases online and you'll get a percentage of what you buy back! They'll send you a check a few weeks after you make the purchase. It's that easy!

Anyway, sign up for FREE for Cashbaq or log in if you already have an account.

In the top left where it says "shop by store" scroll down until you find "Entertainment Book" then click. Then click "use this coupon" where it says "all books, $7.99". It will take you to the entertainment book website but you'll get credit through Cashbaq!

The price of the book is $7.99 and you'll get $8 cash back through Cashbaq. Shipping and handling is $1.99 so if you're already a member of Cashbaq you'll pay just $1.98 total after your Cashbaq credit. If you're new to Cashbaq you'll get $5 for signing up which means that the book is FREE and you made $3.03 on the deal and got a 2009 Entertainment Book.

When you are checking out, make sure not to select the option that places you on auto-ship for the books for future years. It gives you the option - just select "no".

I have a 2009 Entertainment book and it is packed with awesome coupons and discounts - for everything from restaurants to amusement parks and clothing stores. It's worth it, for sure.
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