Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Service with Style

I have been signed up with Service with Style for about 4 months now and am happy with their timely payments and variety of shops in my area. They have many restaurant and bar shops where I am and I have seen other kinds of shops listed in other areas.

They use the "prophet" system for entering reports and selecting shops which I am not a huge fan of but it is a solid system. I receive emails from them several times a month when shops are available in my area but you should add this site to your list of ones to check.

I received timely payment by check from them and the whole thing was very simple. I entered the shop, didn't have a back and forth with any editor, and got my check! I have done a few shops with them now and this seems to be the norm!

As always, it's FREE to sign up for these companies. You're under no obligation to do any shops whatsoever.

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