Monday, July 13, 2009

Deals of the Week - Best Deal Magazines

Each week I bring you the best that Best Deal Magazines has! Many of you know that this is my go-to for great and personalized gifts for people!

Best Deal Magazines has a large selection of magazines at very reduced prices. When you combine their low prices with the coupon codes they constantly offer you really get the best deal! They also have a deal of the day feature for rock-bottom pricing.

Here are this week's coupon codes:
15% Off Most Titles (Code: PXSS719 Offer Expires July 19, 2009)
$5 OFF $30 (Code: MNDSS719 Offer Expires July 19, 2009)
$7.50 OFF $40 (Code: MQQSS719 Offer Expires July 19, 2009)
$10 OFF $50 (Code: MQPSS719 Offer Expires July 19, 2009)

This week's deals of the day are:
Monday - Life Extension, $4.29
Tuesday - Jet, $4.29
Wednesday - Your Big Back Yard, $14.49
Thursday - Woodcraft, $5.29
Friday - Family Fun, $4.29
Saturday - Dog Fancy, $11.79
Sunday - Bird Talk, $9.89

There are hundreds of magazines priced at under $10.00 for a one-year subscription so check it out, it really does make a very special gift!
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