Sunday, July 12, 2009

Staples AWESOME Deals!

Staples has incredible back-to-school bargains this week!

Items for 1 penny:
#2 Yellow Pencils, 8 pack
Staples copy paper, $3.69 with $3.68 easy rebate

Items for 1 dollar:
Kids Scissors
Plastic Pencil Box
2 pack of Bic Wite-Out
3 pack of pink wedge erasers
6 pack of Sharpie Highlighters
5 pack of Bic colored pens Scotch tape
Photo Paper, $9.99 with $8.99 easy rebate

Most of the above items are limit 2!

I have done Staples easy rebates in the past and found them to be very straightforward and simple. You can track the progress of the rebate online and they even print multiple receipts in the store for you to facilitate the process.

There is a coupon for $5 off when you spend $20 in some of the ads in the papers today. I didn't get a coupon in my paper and apparently the coupon may be regional. However, you can go to the Staples website and print the ad from there and see if your store will take it. I can't make any promises but it's worth a shot!

Here are a couple of scenarios if you have the coupon:

Buy 1 Staples Copy Paper at $3.69
Buy 2 Photo Papers at $9.99 each
Use the $5.00 off when you spend $20 coupon
Pay just $18.67 out of pocket
Submit for 21.66 in rebates (1 paper for $3.68 and 2 photo papers at $8.99 each).
You made $2.99 on this deal!

Buy 2 Staples Copy Paper at $3.69 each
Buy 1 Photo Paper at $9.99
Buy any of the 4 items that are listed under $1 above
Use the $5.00 off when you spend $20 coupon
Pay just $16.37
Submit for $16.35 in rebates
You paid just $.02 for the 7 items!

This sale is good today through Saturday, July 18 but shop early for the best selection!
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