Friday, July 10, 2009

Issues with Blogger!

I have been getting many emails from frustrated readers over the past few days that they are getting repeated error messages when they access my blog. I'm aware of the problems and unfortunately Blogger's (the blogging platform I use) issues with Internet Explorer have been a problem for me for almost a month! I previously posted about it here.

Today I changed my comments so instead of being in the post at the bottom as a white box, you'll now have to click "post a comment" within a post and a pop-up window will open for you to leave a comment there. I have been reading online and for some this has fixed their problem.

What I can recommend for sure that will fix it is to download and use Firefox as your browser instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox is FREE to download and there are no compatibility issues between it and Blogger. If you continue to use Internet Explorer and get the "operation aborted" message, click ok and then the"back" button on your browser, sometimes that has helped.
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