Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Allstate-Sponsored Points for Freebies Site!

You can sign up for FREE to participate in Bergwood which is Allstate's points for freebies game site. The game runs through February 1, 2010 and if you log in every day and complete their "games" and other point earning opportunities you'll have enough to get a FREE BBQ Grill by the end of the game!

Each state has their own limit as to how many points you can earn and how many prizes you can redeem (for Florida, it's 2250 points and 2 prizes). Make sure to read the rules carefully when you sign up. You can save points from day to day or cash them in at any point.

You can earn points doing everything from requesting a quote to playing their cute games every day. Ashley from Shopping Frugal calculated that you can earn 164 points the first day, then 24 points a day for the next 9 days, then 21 points a day until the end of the game on February 1, 2010. Just remember to log on every day and complete everything you can and you'll be on your way to some great prizes!

Thanks, Shopping Frugal!
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