Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Earn Money For Tweeting!

Do you Twitter? I know many of you do. I wanted to introduce you to a way to earn money by tweeting! There is a new application by Izea called "Sponsored Tweets". You sign up for FREE and based on the number of followers and other criteria are given a suggested price for your tweet. You can modify this upward or downward depending on your preferences. I kept mine as their suggestion but know someone who adjusted hers downward and has received many more opportunities than I have.Once you sign up, you will receive tweet opportunities via email. I have done a couple of sponsored tweets and found them easy and relevant to my blog. You are given the option to decline a sponsor for any reason. For one of mine, the sponsor had written the tweet and I just accepted it. The second one I had to write (within their guidelines) and the sponsor accepted it. In both cases, I tweeted about things that were relevant to my blog and I may have posted about anyway, whether sponsored or not. I indicated in both tweets that they were sponsored and in the interest of transparency and disclosure think this is the best policy.

Remember, this isn't a way to get rich, but is definitely a way to make a few bucks by doing something you may already do - Twitter! You can sign up here.
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