Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEW $5 Magazines at Amazon

Each month Amazon has magazine subscriptions for just $5. This month there is a good selection and maybe some that you want to take advantage of! Please note that there is an automatic $5 discount applied at check-out so don't worry if the price is higher - when you click to check-out the price will adjust to $5!

2 year subscription - $5
Marie Claire

1 year subscription - $5
Family Fun
House Beautiful
Parenting Early Years
Smart Money
Popular Mechanics
Working Mother

If you already have a subscription to any of these magazines you can sign up again to extend the subscription, using the same name and mailing address. If you start to get 2 of the same issue just call customer service and they will adjust your subscription - this also works with those free magazine offers so long as you are signing up with a new link!
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