Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot New TV Show - "The Middle"

I was given the opportunity to preview the pilot "The Middle"a new TV show this fall premiering on September 30 at 8:30 pm eastern/7:30 central on ABC. The show is a half hour comedy starring Patricia Heaton who plays the mother of the family of 5. The show had me laughing out loud several times and I think just about everyone will be able to relate to the show and enjoy it.

Even though I don't have kids I really connected with the main character Frankie. Frankie has a husband and 3 kids and works full-time. The show centers around her daily life and struggles of being a mom and a worker and trying to do both well. I believe anyone can relate to Frankie in that it's often hard to keep your work life and home life balanced and both working functionally. Everyone has times when they have to be in 2 places at once - like when Frankie's son asks her to come to show and tell as his hero dressed in a superhero outfit. She goes and then when it turns out her son had the wrong day, heads to work still dressed in her superhero suit! We've all been in similar situations where you try to be everything to everyone. That's the story of Frankie's life.

While some of the comments will really make you mothers relate (Frankie says to her teenage son who walks around all day in boxers, "I can't hear you if you don't have pants on"), others are more universal ("I made dinner" says Frankie as she dumps takeout on the table). The show depicts your everyday dual income family and follows them through their trials and tribulations in an endearingly humorous manner. Tune in to watch the pilot on September 30 on ABC!

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Disclosure: I have volunteered my time to watch the Pilot Episode of The Middle and I am not being paid for this post, however I was given an opportunity to view the show prior to air by Warner Bros.
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