Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shop It To Me's Battle of the Brands & Marc Jacobs Giveaway!

I blog all the time about Shop It To Me and the awesome deals you can customize (by size, store, style, color, etc.) and have emailed to you when you choose! I already loved them and now they are having a Battle of the Brands that I think is such a cute idea!

Each week for 5 weeks they will feature pairs of brands and readers will vote which brand is better until the best brand is left standing! Each Friday they will give away Marc Jacobs accessories to readers who vote. I just checked and your chances of winning this week are pretty good so definitely enter!

You MUST be a Shop It To Me member to enter and win. It's FREE to join and I love the personalized email I get each day telling me which items at which stores have hit rock-bottom prices!
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