Monday, October 26, 2009 HOT Deals!

I'm excited to tell you all about Who is Alice? Alice isn't a who, it's a what! What is Alice? Alice is an online household essentials website. For you folks who live in a rural area and don't have access to all of the stores I post about each week, you're going to love And for those of you who have all the stores near you, you're going to love the sheer convenience of!

It's FREE to register on and shipping is always FREE! They have a lot of sale items and even have clip-free coupons you can apply to your order for mega savings. If you sign up through this link, they'll put $10 in your account that you'll have access to after you spend $50 on the site.

Your first order can be as many items as you want but for future orders, there is a 6 item minimum. Remember, shipping is FREE!

Here are some of the current best deals on (after you've registered, click this link to see the best deals):
*Schick Lightweight Razors, 5 pack - $.29 after clip-free coupon
*Kotex pantiliners (4 different varieties)- $.41 after clip-free coupon
*Dove Invisible Solid, Deodorant - $.97 after clip-free coupon
*Bic Comfort 3 Shavers - $3.87 after clip-free coupon
*Suave Naturals, Assorted Shampoos and Conditioners - $1.10 after clip-free coupon
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