Thursday, October 29, 2009

Earn Holiday Money Doing Surveys!

I have posted many times about doing online surveys but wanted to highlight surveys as a money-making opportunity as we enter the holiday season! Everyone can always use a few extra bucks so take some time when you're at home in your pjs, on the phone, or even watching TV and take a few surveys!

Here are my top 5 tips for taking online surveys:
1. Sign up with as many survey companies as possible. I'm going to highlight my top 6 in this post but you'll want to check out the surveys link on my blog to find more.
2. Use a separate email address for just surveys. That way your personal email inbox won't get overwhelmed! Schedule times each week for doing surveys.
3. Know that you won't always qualify for every survey. You'll never know what the demographic they are looking for is so just keep doing them!
4. Keep track of earnings and cash out frequently. Each company handles payment different. Keep a spreadsheet of each company's cahs out threshhold and method. Choose Paypal for the quickest payment.
5. Do the higher value surveys from the companies you do the best with first. As you do more surveys, you'll get to know which companies you do the best with. Choose these surveys first, from highest value to lowest value. Be strategic in the order you complete the surveys in your inbox.

Interested in signing up for surveys? My top 6 survey companies currently are:
1. My Survey
2. HCD Surveys
3. Opinion Outpost
4. Ipsos-I-Say
5. Pinecone Research
6. Say Nation

Check out the other survey companies I have blogged about previously.
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