Friday, October 16, 2009

Go Green at CVS and Earn ECB's

CVS has a new Green Bag program that not only assists you in helping the environment but also puts ECB's in your pocket each month! Look for the CVS Green Bag Tags near the check-out at your store and purchase it for just $.99. Ask if you don't see them as stores are just now getting them to put out. It will give you a green leaf tag that you can put on your keychain just like your ECB card. Then bring reusable bags with you each time you shop at CVS. The cashier will scan your bag tag just like your ECB card gets scanned. You'll receive a $.25 credit for each time you do this. It's a limit of 1 per day per household so those of us who do multiple transactions on the same day will only get credit for using a reusable bad once. Still not bad, because you'll get $1 in ECB's every 4th time you do this!

If you're looking for some great reusable bags to get your ECB's with, check out my giveaway for Joey Totes to win a set for FREE!
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