Monday, October 5, 2009

Payless Shoes - BOGO Sale and Deal Idea

Payless Shoes is having a BOGO Sale. You'll get the second item one half off when you pay full price for the first item. This is an awesome way to get cheap shoes even cheaper!

Let me share a secret I have found about shopping at Payless. I love Payless shoes but I hate sifting through the boxes (and especially the ones they put up high!) to see if they have the style I want in my size. Did you know that there is FREE shipping from online to the store? So what I will do is go online, find the styles I like and order them to be shipped FREE to the store. I go to the store and then just return the ones I decide I don't want right there in the store. The shipping to the store is pretty quick and this has worked very well for me in the past.

I was just searching through the shoes they have right now on the site and there are such cute things! They have career work shoes, kids shoes, and even sandals on clearance! This sale ends October 21, 2009 so check it out today!
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