Thursday, March 19, 2009

$1 Burnless Bakeware - get a new piece every month!

Apparently the great $1 burnless bakeware deal I posted about here is available to do again each month! Last month I got a great cake pan for just $1. All you need to do is click here or below to sign up for your choice of premium bakeware products.

Once you've selected your product, go to the checkout and make sure you click that you want the $1 shipping. Once you do that the bottom right hand side will have information about your trial offer. There are several different trial offers, all for 7 days and easy to cancel. The trial I signed up for had automated cancellation and I was able to get a confirmation email that I had cancelled sent to me after trying to log back into their site to make sure my account had been cancelled. The pan is really nice and since you can do this offer more than one time I just may get another to add to the collection!
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