Sunday, March 8, 2009

CVS this week

I was considering posting the coupon and sale matches each week for CVS and Walgreens but have decided not to. Instead, each week I will direct you to Frugal Rhode Island Mama to see her match-ups. I trust Frugal Rhode Island Mama and think her site is too cute (plus our green and pink color schemes kinda match, huh?). So, please head on over to Frugal Rhode Island Mama to find out how to pay just $.99 for Secret Flawless Deodorant and $.49 for Aveeno cream!

I wasn't too impressed with this week's CVS deals but I had heard about some great mark-downs on Essence of Beauty Items. Here's what I got:

1. Crest Pro-Health nighttime mouth rinse - on sale for $2.99, used as coupon for $.75 off from the 3/1 Sunday inserts, got back $2 in ECB's for the purchase so paid $.24 for the mouthwash.
2. Essence of Beauty Lip Frosting (I got vanilla cupcake and dutch chocolate flavors) - marked $2.99 on tube, scanned and surprised the manager when these rang up $.29! I bought 2.

So in total I spent $3.06 (with tax) and got back $2.00 in ECB's - a light week but good deals nonetheless. The receipt says I saved $7.15 - that's a BIG savings!

FYI - there were a lot of Essence of Beauty products that were scanning at much lower prices than advertised. They had these totes with a travel pillow and cosmetic case inside that were advertised at $14.99. The manager saw me scanning them and was shocked when they rang up at $11.99. I still didn't want one at that price but just wanted to let you know to scan the Essence of Beauty items as they are ringing up at a big discount. There was vanilla bubble bath that scanned at $.59 as well.
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