Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get FREE prints of your digital photos!

I have had a post-it note since I started the blog (!) reminding me to do a post on FREE photos and photo accessories and finally sat down to do it.

Many of you take lots of digital pictures and get only a fraction developed due to the price. There are many many FREEBIES to get as far as photos go. If you sign up and get your FREE prints on each site, you will get additional emails with specials and even FREEBIES for current members. Photo books and accessories make great gifts for family and friends. Here are a few great ones with FREE prints for new members:

Shutterfly: Join Shutterfly for FREE and get 25 FREE 4X6 prints

Picaboo: Join Picaboo for FREE and get a FREE photo book (code 1PFMDB-WE)

Artscow: Join Artscow and get 200 FREE 4X6 prints, 200 FREE 5X7 prints and a FREE 8X8 custom cover photo book.

Photoworks: Join Photoworks.com and get 25 FREE prints

Kodak Gallery: Join Kodak Gallery and get 20 FREE prints (plus 20% off photo books)
20% off Photo Books at Kodak Gallery!

dotPhoto: Join dotPhoto and get 50 FREE 4X6 prints
Join dotPhoto today and receive 50 FREE Prints!

Clark ColorLabs: Join Clark ColorLabs and get 40 FREE prints

FujiFilm SeeHere: Join FujiFilm SeeHere and get 50 FREE prints (use code prints-6)
50 Free 4x6 prints when you sign up at SeeHere.com

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