Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Very cool shopping site!

I just heard about this very cool shopping site called Nearby Now. Nearby Now is a FREE site that aims to simplify the shopping process for consumers who shop online but buy in the store. I definitely do that and I suspect many of you do as well.

How does Nearby Now simplify shopping? They have a comprehensive website where you can search hundreds of retailers to find out if a particular store carries a particular item, right down to specifying the color and size of the item you are looking for. Nearby Now has whole shopping centers in their database to try to help you do more "one stop shopping" and not run all over town looking for your size or style preference.

Nearby Now also provides sale information for items and you are able to place the item you are looking for on hold if it's in stock, giving the name of a helpful clerk to assist you once on location! No more driving around or calling each store - this makes shopping easier! They call themselves a "scout" service and try to do most (if not all) of the work for you to make your shopping experience more efficient and pleasant. Check it out today to see if shopping centers near you are participating yet and if now, contact your local shopping centers to let them know you'd love to see themn participate in this great service for consumers!
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