Saturday, March 28, 2009

Word of Mouth, Bzz Agent and Afrin Pure Sea

I've been meaning to write a post on Word of Mouth companies such as Bzz Agent and since I recently received a product from them, I decided to combine and write about the product and the company!

Bzz Agent is a word of mouth (WOM) company that is FREE to join. Occasionally, they will send you an email with a survey to see if you are interested in whatever product they are trying to promote. This promotion is done by word of mouth, meaning that they want you to tell your friends and family all about the product. The theory is that people will try things when they get a review from someone else they trust about it. Most campaigns at Bzz Agent are FREE but if there is a fee they will let you know up front and you can decide whether to accept the campaign.

Several other WOM companies you can join are She Speaks and One to One Network. If you love to try new products and tell people about them then these companies are definitely for you!

I recently received Afrin Pure Sea Hydrating Nasal Rinse from Bzz Agent to try. They sent me a full-sized sample as well as 8 coupons to give to my friends and family. For fear of getting into too many details about a nasal rinse, I'll try to keep it bland! The rinse is 100% purified sea water and is in a ergonomically designed bottle to allow you to comfortably use the product. I found it easiest to use in the shower. This is not like the Afrin most of us know as this is not medicated so it is safe for continuous use. Unlike other nasal sprays, I like that the contents remain sterile even after use because of the bottle design. You can use the rinse to clear your nasal and sinus passages from dust, dirt, irritants, germs, smoke, etc. My doctor always recommends saline drops like this when I have a cold or sinus issues. They have 3 varieties (Medium Stream, Gentle Mist and Ultra Gentle Mist which can be used on children as young as 6 months old). It can be used up to 4 times a day and comes with detailed instructions. I liked this product better than other saline drops I had used previously and will continue using it when needed. Look for it in stores today!
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