Monday, March 16, 2009

Shop it to Me - sales and FREE giftcards!

Thanks to my friend, Jennifer "The Sugar Mommy", for finding this site and inviting me to join months ago. I love my sale emails and am excited to share this great site/program with you!

Shop it to Me is a website that you register with and provide details about your size, style, and brand preferences as far as clothes go for you and your family. Then, depending on the communication options you choose, you receive an email (I chose daily) advising of all sales on clothing that you indicated an interest in. You can specify brand, color, size, style, etc. I see some amazing prices in my emails! If you are a fashion lover with a budget this is the site for you!

You can also receive a $10 gift card to Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Bloomingdale's, Gap, J Crew, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Starbucks, or Urban Outfitters each time you refer 10 of your friends to the site. Everyone loves a good deal so this should be an easy giftcard!

If you would like an invite to Shop it to Me, please email me at or by clicking "contact me" in the left sidebar. As always this site is FREE to sign up for - so send me an email for your invite and get started today!
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