Tuesday, March 10, 2009


UPromise.com is a great way to save (and make) money. You don't have to change anything you already do - you'll just get credited into your UPromise account when you buy certain things. UPromise is a program that is FREE to sign up for that starts a college savings plan for anyone you designate. For those of you without kids, this could be a niece or nephew or even a friend's child. Why not contribute to someone's college education for FREE? For those of you in college now, you can open an account for your own benefit.


Each month UPromise.com has new "ecoupons". All you have to do is log on to UPromise and after linking your store's loyalty/rewards card with your UPromise account, activate all the coupons for the month. Even if you think you're not going to buy a particular item, you should activate it anyway since activation is FREE and you never know what kind of great deals you'll find that month! These coupons are not taken off your bill when you make the purchase, but rather are directly credited to your UPromise account so you can feel free to use coupons in the store on these items - extra savings! There are other savings that you will get for everyday purchases where a pecentage of your purchase will also get credited to your Upromise account.

UPromise is FREE and earns you (or your child or other designee) FREE money. This money is in a 529 account that grows over time and can really grow into a large sum. Sign up and earn money for buying groceries, filling your car up with gas, and eating out in restaurants!
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