Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old Navy Weekly - secret site for hidden coupons!

The Internet has been abuzz with news of which is a secret website for consumers to find hidden Old Navy coupons for use in the store only. Each Thursday the site updates. In the past 2 weeks it has updated at different times, once at 6 pm Eastern, the other at 8:30 pm Eastern time. It has a limited number of coupons, with a higher number of the lower value coupons. The highest value coupon is $75 off of $100 which is an amazing deal. There are some $50 off $100 and various ones for percentages off your total. The site does not look like a coupon site and you have to just click around the site to see what kind of deals there are. In the past 2 weeks the highest value coupons have been found when you click to watch the movie in the left corner and click throughout the movie. If you're ambitious tomorrow you can always check the forums at to see when people post that the site has new coupons or you can just check back on the site frequently. Right now the top of the site says "Too late - check back next week for $75 off $100" and rotates to show you what is left (20% off purchase) and what is not left (the higher value coupons). I'll try and post when the site is reset tomorrow if there's anything left by that time!
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