Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coupon Statistics

I recently bought the Reinventing Beauty Magazine at CVS for $.99 because of the many coupons it has in it. I did flip through it and was happy to see an article on couponing.

There are coupon statistics in the article that I found fascinating. First of all, did you know that there is a Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council? How cool is that! The statistics quoted there (and here) come from them.

The article says that during an economic downturn like we are experiencing now, companies distribute more coupons and consumers are more likely to use them. In the year 2000, women used coupons at a higher rate (85.3% to 68.6% of men), with everyone using 4.5 billion coupons to save $3.6 billion! It also seems as though people with college and post-graduate educations use coupons at a higher rate than high school graduates do.

It still amazes me that people don't use coupons. I hear people complain about money everyday and when you ask them if they use coupons, they look at you like you have 2 heads. It is such an easy way to save money. The Internet has made couponing so much easier. You can now print coupons online and look to sites like mine and many others to find the best match-ups and deals at stores all around the country! It only takes a few minutes and the savings achieved can be huge.

I am proud of the fistful of coupons that I carry through the store. I'm the smart one who just paid half of what you paid for the same cart-ful of groceries!
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