Sunday, March 1, 2009 and printables!

Many stores accept Internet Printable coupons. WalMart and Kmart both do and you should call your local store (or check their policy about this on their website) to find out before you do a lot of printing.

I use for the majority of my coupon printing. You can find them by clicking on the long blue ad on my right sidebar that has 3 coupons at a time on it. You'll need to install a coupon printer on your computer but it will guide you through that. Right now there is a $5 off Huggies coupon for you to print, among many others. New coupons were just added today for March. There is a certain number of times each coupon can be printed before it is "retired" and you won't find it anymore so print the ones you like NOW and file them away with the rest of your coupons.

I'm headed off to do a mystery shop and then to Walgreens for this week's deals. I'll post about both later today.
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