Thursday, March 12, 2009

YouData and You!

YouData is a great company where you can expect to be paid weekly for just viewing banners and/or clicking onto websites. The widget in the right sidebar of my blog is the YouData "me file". You can sign up there, enter in basic information (like for a survey site) and then click to "reveal ads" and just view the banners within the widget or click through to the websites shown. The websites are sites that are likely familiar to you and you don't have to do or sign up for anything, just click to the site.

You receive money each time you do one of these actions (view or click) and are paid weekly via paypal. Signing up for a paypal account is free and is a very safe way to send and/or receive money. You will be notified via email each Friday when the money is paid into your paypal account.

You won't get rich from this site but for a few short minutes of your time, the money will add up! The first time you log on you will get many offers and I earned over $5 in a few minutes. Once you sign up (through the widget on the right sidebar under the header "You Data"), try to log on at least once a week to see new offers.
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