Friday, March 20, 2009

Global Test Market Surveys & Product Tests

Like all of the other survey companies I have discussed, Global Test Market is FREE to join with no obligation. They send me surveys approximately 3 times a week and I qualify for approximately 2 of them per week. I have also received many product tests through this site. A product test happens when you are taking a survey and the survey asks if you would be interested in testing a new product in your home and providing feedback to the manufacturer. You never know when a survey will lead to a product test. With Global Test Market, I have tested shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and snack chips! Not only are you getting a product for FREE but it's usually a new product not even on the market and you get to give the company your reviews about the product! Click here to sign up for Global Test Market!

The other surveys companies already reviewed on this blog are Survey Savvy, SayNation, Valued Opinions, American Consumer Opinion, Opinion Outpost , Zoompanel, Ipsos I-Say, HCD Surveys, and university-sponsored sites. Have you signed up for all of them?
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