Friday, March 13, 2009

Rewards Network

Rewards Network is a special company I wanted to let you know about. Rewards Network rewards you by giving you cash back when you dine at select restaurants. Before you join, you can check to see which restaurants in your area participate in the program. Lucky me - my favorite Thai delivery place does and boy have I taken advantage of this program! It's a very easy concept - you register your credit cards with Rewards Network on their secure server. You eat at a participating restaurant. Then you do nothing. Nothing but wait for the email from Rewards Network letting you know you have just earned cash back from your dining experience! This cash back is immediately credited back onto your credit card. This is such a simple and FREE way to save some money!

I know there are those of you who are likely wary of registering your credit card numbers. Please think about how many people each week touch your credit card - i.e. cashiers, waiters/waitresses, Internet sites where you have your credit card information saved, etc. The site is a secure one and I have been a member for 6 months with no issues. If you wanted, you could register one of your credit cards and only use that one at participating restaurants, though part of the beauty of this program is not to have to remember which restaurants participate. I have been surprised several times when I received a cash back email - I didn't even know the restaurant participated in this cool program! They also have a FREE new iphone app restaurant finder for you to try.

It is FREE to sign up for this program with no obligation on your part as far as utilizing the program. Please check out the site here and sign up today!
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